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Titanium Tubular Consultants (TTC) was created as a diverse and robust consulting company to fill an industry void that would specialize in the improvement of cooling systems for powerplant heat exchangers. These services could be utilized within existing/repurposed or planned new designs and applied to PowerGen steam surface condensers and heat exchangers for nuclear, conventional steam, combined-cycle and the process industry.

As founder and owner of TTC, Mr. Dennis Schumerth has more than 40 years experience in the Electric Power Generation and CPI industry as an internationally recognized authority in the area of titanium tubular heat exchanger design. This diverse background and skill set provides valuable and unique insight into not only the direct application of specialized tube materials within the heat exchanger but allows a comprehensive system overview and insight insuring material and component connectivity and performance compatibility throughout the entire fluid circuit.

During the last 15 years Mr. Schumerth was employed in industry-visible and multi-disciplinary roles with Valtimet ranging from Business Development to Technical Support. During his tenure, he championed the dramatic increase in the use of thin wall tubing in steam surface condenser applications, pioneered advanced pneumatic NDE testing through first-of-a-kind ASTM sanctioned Test Methods and identified and promoted the use of TSE and impaired water for powerplant cooling. These studies were significant so as to be included in a far-reaching Argonne National Lab Report on the use of Reclaimed Water for Powerplant Cooling. Additionally, Mr. Schumerth co-developed and published a historical and operational data base designed to become an industry “catechism” for the identification and remediation of hydrogen embrittlement in titanium and superferritic stainless steel heat exchanger tubing.

Prior to joining Valtimet in 1997, Mr. Schumerth was employed for more than 25 years with major condenser, feedwater heater and heat exchanger manufacturers in various managerial, executive and technical roles successfully promoting advanced design concepts for the Power industry. Spearheading these initiatives, Mr. Schumerth and associates jointly took an innovative and leading role in the development and implementation of an industry paradigm shift from yellow metals and stainless steel to titanium tube materials in surface condensers. These events were instrumental in dramatically extending the operating life and reducing the long-term cost of ownership for steam surface condensers.

Dennis has been active within the ASME Power Division Heat Exchanger Committee for more than 25 years as a leading proponent, supporter and advocate in the effort to develop and present relevant topics to the industry in the form of peer-reviewed sanctioned technical papers and first-of-a-kind Panel Discussions linking both designers and fabricators in precedent setting venues. . He has also authored and presented more than 30 papers and conducted numerous tutorials, symposiums and short courses for industry and professional society audiences around the world utilizing the global resources of EPRI, ASTM, ASME, ITA, electric power utilities, A&E’s, fabricators and design institutions relating to surface condensers and BOP exchanger materials of construction.